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VoLTE support for OnePlus devices in Canada


I have bought a OnePlus phone recently and I found that OnePlus does not support VoLTE in Canada. If you are living in Canada and planning to buy a OnePlus phone please remember these points.

* Providers like Rogers(Fido),Bell won’t support VoLTE on OnePlus phones.

* If you are using Freedom mobile then never go for OnePlus phones, you will experience connection issues even in Toronto.

I have talked with OnePlus support team and they officially confirmed that OnePlus phones won’t support VoLTE. You can find their response in the following screen shots.


I have done some researches about this I could understand that all the major mobile phone providers selling/supporting only major mobile companies. In order to enable the features like VoLTE, both the career and Phone manufactures should make some agreements. We don’t know who is not interested in this. It could be career OR manufactures ???


I believe service providers getting more commission/profit from certain manufactures ? Is this a reason why they won’t support other phones like OnePlus ?

I have no answers to these questions.


Some of you may think that why I need VoLTE ?

My Answer : You are thinking like this because you are not aware about what is VoLTE. VoLTE is not just for better voice calls, the main advantage is for video calls. You need not to pay anything for video calls. Data used for video calls using VoLTE won’t be accounted under to regular Data usage. Only requirement for Video call is that both phones should have VoLTE support and probably same service provider.


Final word : One Plus devices are great in performance, but the lack of VoLTE supports is disappointing 🙁



One thought on “VoLTE support for OnePlus devices in Canada

  • I am experiencing same issue with Fido and OnePlus 5T. I could see that people reported issue at the time of OnePlus 3 itself. More than 2 years but no solutions yet.. ……….. really frustrating.

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