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Right now this is just one more wave to the tech blog sea, I am trying to make my own sea and add the posts as drops and waves. I just started this, I am sure this not too late.  Nothing is too late ..if you have the skill and confidence. I believe in myself and I am sure I can make waves……seas….

I have been working as  Linux Web Hosting Specialist  and consultant for various webhosting firms in the last 7 years . I can do the following web hosting related tasks for a reasonable price.

You can reach me at

My area of expertise are :

*Installation, configuration and management of Windows and Linux based distributions
*Familiar with the webhosting control panels like cPanel and Plesk, Direct Admin
*Install, configure and troubleshoot Web Servers – Apache, Nginx,IIS
*DNS servers installation and configuration : Bind, MSDNS
*Familiar with Mail Servers like Exim, Postfix and configuration of Services like POP,IMAP,SMTP
*Installation and configuration of database servers like MSSQL and MySQL, PostgreSQL
*Master/Slave replication on MySQL servers
*Setup and maintain server software firewalls like CSF,  Installation of Mod_security
*Familiar with LVM, file systems setup and configuration
*Server hardening and optimization for getting the maximum throughput
*Familiar Virtualization technologies like OpenVZ, VMWare and the management portal like Virtuozzo
*Install and configure monitoring tools like Nagios
*Load balancing technologies like HAProxy
* Investigate spamming issues on server
* Install and setup NGiNX as reverse proxy and load balancer
* Install Apache Tomcat