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How to download and install Windows Server 2019 Step by Step

You can install Windows Server 2019 by following the steps given below.

Step 1 : Download the Preview version of Windows Server 2019 from Windows Insider Portal

Step 2 : I have installed using the VMWare player. Once you booted the Windows_InsiderPreview_Server_vNext_en-us ISO. You will get the following screen. Click Next



Step 3 : Click on Install Now


Step 4 :  Click I don’t have a product key


Step 5 :  Select the version you prefer to install. Please select the Desktop interface option you need Windows GUI



Step 6 : Accept the license agreement

Step 7 : Choose the custom installation method



Step 8 :  Choose the drive for installing Windows Server



Step 9 :  Now you can windows installation is in progress ….



Step 10 :  Now the installation finished and system will reboot. Please be noted that system will automatically rebooted multiple times during this installation.

Step 11 : Once the server rebooted you will get the prompt to setup Administrator password. Just set the password and click Finish.


Step 12 : That’s all !!!!!! Now you can login to the server and you can see the same UI as in Windows 10 OS.


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